Andrea & Mario

Teachers, dancers, animators,
coreographers, Dj-s

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She is called The Swing Mama of Croatian swing dancing for a reason. Her restless feet and great love for dancing made her the most energetic person on the dance floor.

Andrea has been dancing as long as she remembers and her musical education is more than an advantage. Her path has brought her to her current partner Mario with whom she had started as a competition couple in Latin – American and Ballroom dances. Soon they found themselves training kids and teaching social classes and that became very successful due to their unique approach of making everything easy to achieve while encouraging others to their full potential.

Andrea’s teaching and dancing is focused on getting every dancer closer to oneself. As a strong believer of the word “Individuality” she believes that by practicing your own movement you can achieve great things and connect with someone and express the pure happiness.

What makes Andrea the-one-you-can’t-miss?

Except for the energy that never weakens, she dedicates her every waking moment to improving her dance steps as well as making opportunities for others to reach their highest quality of dancing and teaching. Some may say Andrea is teacher maker.



she is one of leading figures in the Croatian Lindy movement where she is spending every available moment of her time to advance, spread love, passion and joy of vintage dances to all people she teaches and dance with. The head organizer behind “Streetcar Named Lindy” Festival, “Zagreb Swing Birthday JAM”, “SHAG’a’BAL” and other smaller workshops with big Lindy names!

Although she is the best follower Croatia has to offer, she’ll gladly dance with everyone on any music that is playing, because she dances with people and not with their levels.


A passionate and avid social dancer, instructor and The Computer Guy.

Mario is a paragon and a pioneer of Swing dancing in Croatia, being the first experienced Croatian teacher since 2011., to bring the Swing dancing to our dance floor. His vast knowledge and previous experience that he acquired through Latin American and Standard dancing, as well as teaching and competing, gave him a firm background for his new career as a swing teacher.

In all those years he has continuously helped the community grow and helped Andrea to introduce many new local, some of them even international talents now through their school and events they have created. With his knowledge, energy, commitment, and lifelong passion for dancing in general, Mario has contributed enormously to the local Swing dance community.

Lindy Hop & Balboa dancers, Mario and Andrea work constantly on the development of the couple dancing. Lindy Hop is the dance in which they can openly evolve all techniques that they have learned through their whole life. African dance, Argentinian tango, latin rhythms, classical dance and all other social dance styles are important disciplines that take part in their learning of the dance.

Currently he is still working on spreading Swing spirit locally, cooperating with international organizers on several workshops including two big (and awesome) events with his BACK TO SWING crew, taking place in Zagreb – STREETCAR NAMED LINDY & SHAG’a’BAL.

What matters to him the most is the sincere and natural dancing, as much as leader-follower connectivity.